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Naked man
I love your eyes like the open sky
on a prairie morning-
sunrise on every horizon.

You are naked as the wheat,
your eyes are the cloudless sky.

Naked, you are an acorn tree
stretching up to the sky.

Naked, you are the ocean I swam in as a child=96
you sweep me along in your tide.

Naked, you are the late afternoon sunlight
that filters through my window

Naked, you are the shadow on the floor.

Naked, you are the sunwarmed sheets
I wrap myself around all night.

Naked, you are strong.
Naked, I am weak.

Naked, you are smooth as the sand
that washes over our feet.

Naked, I love every hair and scar,
every broken bone, reset;
your broken heart, set and set again.


I love you like a midnight storm,
a blazing forest fire
that sets the moon flaming red.


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